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What is employee feedback?

Employee feedback is the essence of personal and professional growth. It is a response that an employee receives on a timely basis that helps employee(s) improve and perform better at their workplaces.

Studies have shown, most employees are unhappy with the frequency of the feedback, they say it’s not given regularly and when they receive it, it is either way too negative or vague. Positive feedback is a rare occurrence. As simple as it may seem but giving feedback is not as easy as it looks because of the complexity of human nature and behavior.

There are many forms in which feedback can be given to the employees, namely:

Helping employees grow professionally and personally will not only make them more engaged but also more satisfied. It’s in the organization’s best interest to take the feedback process seriously.

What is employee feedback software?

Employee feedback software is a tool that helps an organization streamline its feedback process. It is a software that helps organizations provide regular feedback to their workforce, for their constant growth and development.

Employee feedback is the health check-up of an organization to understand the organizational health index (OHI) to measure employee engagement and employee satisfaction. While the two terms are often used interchangeably, they are infact very different from each other.

The emotional commitment that an employee has towards the organization defines his/her level of engagement and the happiness and contentment that an employee has shown, determines his/her level of satisfaction.

How to choose your employee feedback software?

There are a number of employee feedback software available in the market for you to choose from. However, not all software will suffice your organizational need. It can get a bit challenging to choose the one that best suits your requirements. As long as the requirements are met without burning a hole in your pocket, you have found what you were looking for. A few additional features are always appreciated!

  1. Know your requirements: This might seem to be the simplest task of all, however, in reality, this is the most tricky part! You need to choose the right fit for your organization. It's as important as choosing a life partner (pun intended). You need to first ask a few questions: how often do you conduct feedback sessions? How engaging do you want your surveys to be? What do you plan to do with the data and so on…. List your priorities before you shortlist anything.
  2. Aim for higher survey completion: Survey fatigue is real! An estimated 58% of people don’t fill the entire survey due to the length of the survey. It is important you keep the survey length appropriate. The user interface is often the last thing anyone would bother, however, ask your self, do your finished surveys look presentable?
  3. Ease of use: The ease of use is one very important factor in deciding the software. If the employee feedback software is taking you forever to learn and understand then you surely are in trouble, my friend. You need people-friendly software that is easy to use and quick to learn. Before you go ahead and finalize make sure you are offered support /demo/tutorials.
  4. Price range: Depending on your organization size and requirements, you may have to choose wisely. Looking for employee feedback software that offers, a variety of subscription will be a better fit for anyone that the ones that are more rigid in their operations. Also, refer to the refund policies. It is important that the budget doesn’t get tossed out of the window.
  5. Automation options: QuestionPro Workforce offers you the flexibility to automate your employee feedback software. Traditionally, it takes an HR numerous attempts to remind people to fill out the surveys, the more automation a software permits, the easier it is for the organization. You can automate and schedule the surveys.

Employee Feedback Software- QuestionPro Workforce

QuestionPro Workforce is a platform that offers, end-to-end employee review software solution. It is your one stop shop for all employee survey and people analytics and reporting. It is easy to use and comprehensive. You can start just by the click of a button. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Login to QuestionPro >> Workforce


Step 2: Choose from a range of pre-designed employee feedback surveys


Step 3: Select from a wide range of survey question to best suit your employee feedback process


Step 4: Deploy the employee feedback survey at the click of a button. You can also automate the process and schedule the survey


Step 5: Collect responses and compare the analytics year on year


5 Reasons- Why feedback is essential?

Effective feedback is constructive in nature and is helpful in retrospection too! Feedback is valuable information and should not be taken lightly, as these responses are imperative in making important decisions. Top performing organizations are in that position because they do things differently and are constantly in search of processes that make their workforce better.

For such organizations, continuous feedback is not just a cliché, their true focus is based on feedback that is provided to their employees, whether it is from their customers, colleagues, suppliers, stakeholders, etc, is not discriminated. And that should be the real attitude towards feedback.

Here are the top 5 reasons why feedback is essential:

  1. Feedback is forever: If you ask the HR in your organization, when will I get my feedback, they will typically talk about annual performance appraisals, employee surveys and so on, but they forget feedback is a continuous process. If you are a manager, make sure you provide timely feedback to your employees. Talk to your employees, tell them what is going right and what is not. Make them aware of their strengths and weaknesses without being harsh or rude.
  2. Listen well to understand: If your feedback is done verbally, then be a good listener. Listen to understand and question if you haven’t understood the feedback. Most organizations are opting out of the verbal system of providing feedback. Rather they are moving to a more robust platform that is adapting to feedback surveys. These surveys are a record of the feedback provided and can be revisited anytime.
  3. Feedback to motivate: Provide feedback to your workforce to motivate them, encourage them to perform better. Be a mentor to your workforce. Help them understand their problem areas and also provide them with plausible solutions.
  4. Feedback improves employee performance: Feedback is not a criticism, so stop treating it like one. Feedback is a mechanism to formulate better decision-making capacity and cope with organizational culture. If taken in the spirits, feedback is bound to improve employee performance.
  5. It facilitates continuous learning: If you invest your energy in the right direction you are liable to achieve the results you want. Continuous feedback helps you achieve your goals, create improved strategies, develop products, improve relationships and much more. Continued learning is the key to self-improvement.