300+ FREE Survey Templates: Sample Questionnaire Templates & Examples

Use our free survey templates to ask the right questions and get the best responses for your surveys. All our questionnaires / form templates are written by expert researchers and market tested with millions of responses. Just pick any template, edit as required or directly send them out to your survey respondents. Start collecting real survey insights and making smarter decisions.

List of Survey Templates, Forms & Questionnaires

Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

Customer Survey Templates & Questionnaires

When it comes to customers - don’t speculate. You need to get data oriented survey responses and need the best customer questions for best research results!

When customers make the decision to purchase, whether it is a product or a service, what influences that decision? How can you tweak your product to sell better? How satisfied are your customers with your products and services? Do they plan to stay with your business or drift towards a competitor? How can you improve their satisfaction and make more money? Answers to these questions lie in customer surveys and feedback, directly from them!

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

10 templates

Voice of the Customer Surveys

3 templates

Product Surveys

22 templates

Service Evaluation Surveys

15 templates

Top 5 Most Popular Customer Survey Questionnaires

Don’t want to browse through all customer survey categories? Here are the top 5 most popular customer survey questionnaires.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) + Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey

Product Satisfaction Survey

Service Quality Evaluation Survey

Help Desk Service Survey

Product Evaluation Survey

QuestionPro’s survey templates and questionnaires are helping thousands of businesses uncover hidden potential for achieving greater customer satisfaction and deriving result oriented consumer research insights for customers which include industry-tested questions and templates for customer satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, voice of customer (VOC) surveys, product surveys and service evaluation.

These effective Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Customer Experience Surveys focus on measuring customer perceptions of how well a company delivers on the critical success factors and dimensions of the business. The Customer Survey Template and Questionnaire Template library includes factors such as service promptness, staff responsiveness, and understanding of the customer's problem.

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Human Resource Survey Templates

Employees And Human Resource (HR) Survey Templates & Questionnaires

Are your employees motivated and engaged at work? What is your workplace mood and morale? Do your employees align themselves with the overall goal of the organization? What is the real cause of employee attrition? Is the leadership team doing a good job at high level management?

The answers to some of these burning questions can be a human resource game changer. Companies no longer need to make speculations about what they believe about their workplace culture, they now “measure” it with employee surveys!

Employee Evaluation Surveys

30 templates

Job Satisfaction Surveys

1 template

Training Evaluation Surveys

1 template

Top 5 Most Popular Workplace Survey Questionnaires

Don’t want to browse through all employee and HR survey categories? Here are the top 5 most popular workplace survey questionnaires.

Company Communications Evaluation Survey

Exit Interview Survey

Job Evaluation Survey

Supervisor Evaluation Survey

Manager Evaluation Survey

Employee Surveys and Human Resource (HR) survey templates & questionnaire templates are an essential communication medium between you and your employees. These survey templates cover critical surveys and questions that include employee engagement and satisfaction surveys, evaluating employee benefits, exit interview surveys, job satisfaction surveys, company communications surveys, job evaluation surveys and more - to enable you to map and track a complete employee and human resource journey with your organization.

Capture key employee survey data and address concerns about dissension, appearing eager, feigning praise or drawing too much attention - all of which are inherent, especially in new employees, and can lead employees to adjust their opinions to match what is perceived to be the desired response. The anonymity of these online survey templates helps ease communication problems giving human resource departments a realistic assessment of company culture. You can then make policies in the right direction.

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Marketing Survey Templates

Market Research Surveys And Marketing Survey Templates & Questionnaires

Is a market ready for your line of products or services? What is the best feature-to-price correlation for a specific market segment? Is your product concept in line with your marketing strategy? Are consumers willing to pay the price you need to stay profitable?

Get answers and insights to market research survey questions in a click - with these ready made questionnaire templates for you to use for free.

New Product Marketing / Concept Testing Surveys

23 templates

Conference Feedback Surveys

2 templates

Focus Group Recruitment Surveys

1 template

Hardware / Software Surveys

8 templates

Website Surveys

20 templates

Top 10 Market Research and Marketing Survey Questionnaires

Don’t want to browse through all market research and marketing survey categories? Here are the top 10 most popular market study questionnaires.

Software Evaluation Survey

Hardware Evaluation Survey

Concept Evaluation and Pricing Study Survey

Conjoint Analysis Survey

Conference feedback and evaluation survey

E-Commerce Potential Evaluation Survey

Website Evaluation Survey

Pre-installation Survey

Post-installation Survey

Focus Group Recruitment Survey

Market Research Survey Templates and Questionnaire Templates are a great way to understand customer feedback using effective survey questions on new product lines, features, or services. Marketing Surveys help you gain a real-time understanding of market needs to maintain a competitive edge. This includes key strategic planning surveys such as concept evaluation and pricing study surveys, marketing concept test surveys, advertisement effectiveness surveys, dealership feedback surveys, demographic surveys, renewable energy surveys such as wind and solar, conference feedback surveys, hardware and software surveys and more!

Capture key information about your target market with market research surveys and develop a core marketing strategy with real insights using marketing surveys. Build an informed marketing strategy using the information collected in the questionnaire.

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Industry  Survey Templates

Industry Survey Templates & Questionnaires

Whether it is a niche industry or a growing one, we have survey templates for all - banking, renewable energy, hotel and leisure, fast food, retail, healthcare and more

Hotel / Restaurant Surveys

6 templates

B2B Surveys

8 templates

Retail Surveys

6 templates

Travel Surveys

4 templates

Health Care Surveys

4 templates

Insurance Surveys

8 templates

Top 7 Most Popular Industry Survey Questionnaires

Don’t want to browse through all industry survey categories? Here are the top 8 most popular industry survey questionnaire templates.

Strategic Planning Survey

GDPR Survey

Fast Food Restaurant Survey

Dine-in Restaurant Survey

Event Planning and Evaluation Survey

Hotel/ Resort Guest Satisfaction Evaluation Survey

Supplier Service Evaluation Survey

Supplier Service Evaluation Survey

Industry Survey Templates & Questionnaire Templates that get you quality response to your survey questions, in turn increasing the quality of service that you offer to your customers. These ready made templates, which you can easily edit as required, cover some most key industry surveys such as fast food survey, hotel / resort survey, restaurant survey, client satisfaction survey, business to business (B2B) demographics survey, seminar survey, transportation satisfaction survey, retail store evaluation survey (for both online and offline), debit and credit card surveys for banking industry surveys and much more!

You can use these templates to gather information from your customer base. If any customer service template questions do not meet your needs, completely customize and add your own questions to the survey.

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Community Survey Templates

Community Survey Templates

QuestionPro Community Survey Templates and Questionnaire Templates allows you to create engaged customer community surveys, collect real-time customer insights, and impact the customer experience. Distribute surveys via internet or email, and tabulate results in real time. All survey and survey results are hosted in the cloud and results are readily available from any device - mobile, tablet or desktop.

Social Surveys

5 templates

Demo/Psychographics Surveys

15 templates

Personal Surveys

8 templates

Top 5 Most Popular Community Survey Questionnaires

Don’t want to browse through all community survey categories? Here are the top 5 most popular community survey questionnaire templates.

Business Demographics Survey

General Shopping Demographics Survey

Consumer Demographics Survey

Website Demographics Survey

Compatibility Test Survey

These sample survey templates include community service surveys, psychology and demographic surveys, membership surveys, compatibility test surveys, movie surveys, key personal surveys and more. You can also download survey reports. Community surveys include Here are a few community survey templates.

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Academic Evaluation Survey Templates

Academic Evaluation Survey Templates & Questionnaires

Conducting Academic surveys had never been so easy. Our sample survey templates library consists of Academic Training surveys, School surveys to evaluate students, teachers, courses as well as schools.

Training Surveys

17 templates

School Surveys

13 templates

University Surveys

9 templates

Top 5 Most Popular Academic Evaluation Questionnaires

Don’t want to browse through all academic survey categories? Here are the top 5 most popular academic evaluation questionnaire template.

Course Evaluation Survey

Graduation Exit Survey

Teacher Evaluation Survey

Student Loan Survey

Student Stress Survey

College and University surveys consists of surveys and questionnaires for graduation exit surveys, professor evaluation survey, student retention survey and much more. provide you with the free survey templates which provides easy customization. All the complex features are now part of our Academic License as well.

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