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Online Surveys are questionnaires that are created, sent and completed by respondents online, such as on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. Surveys are conducted for a variety of purposes such as general market research studies, academic evaluation surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, employee surveys and so on.

The biggest advantage of using an Online Survey over manual spreadsheets or paper based surveys is the deep and insightful analysis of the respondent data that happens in real-time and fully automated with QuestionPro Online Surveys.

How to Create, Send and Analyse Online Surveys?

Create Surveys

Survey Creation

Over 80 standard and advanced ready made Survey Questions, 50+ Sample Survey and over 250 Survey Templates that enables you to create and send online surveys!

Collect Responses

Survey Distribution

Send surveys using multiple survey distribution methods and collect data through offline surveys. Don't have respondents database? Simply buy survey respondents while sending out your surveys.

Analyze Results

Survey Analysis

Get real time survey analysis reports with advanced data analytics such as Conjoint Analysis, TURF Analysis, GAP Analysis, Trend Analysis - everything under one unified survey analysis dashboard.

250+ Free Online Survey Research Templates & Survey Examples

Select from a wide range of ready-made and mobile-friendly survey templates for an instant kick-start!

Types of Survey Research using Online Surveys

QuestionPro's survey software offers the widest range of online surveys. Here are some of the widely used types of online survey research methods :

1. Email Survey Research

As the name suggests, email survey research is used to send online surveys over a simple email. The emails may either content a link, an embedded survey question or an embedded survey question which also serves as a link which directs users to browser for further questions.

Below are the 2 types of email surveys :

Single-question email survey

Single-question email survey

This type of online survey just has one question which can be answered in the embedded email itself. It does not direct users to any browser.

Multi-question email survey

Multi-question email survey

Multi-question email survey can either be a link which directly takes users to a browser, or an embedded question which also takes users to the browser for answering the complete set of questions.

2. Mobile Survey Research

Mobile survey research is conducted through a mobile survey that is answered over a mobile browser. This means that the survey itself has to be mobile compatible. With QuestionPro, all surveys are mobile-ready!

Mobile Survey

3. Web-intercept Survey Research

Web-intercept survey research is conducted by capturing live survey feedback from website visitors. This can be intended for the purpose of sales leads, website UI improvements, identifying user source and interests and much more!

Multi-question email survey

4. Offline Mobile App Survey Research

The Offline Mobile App Survey Research is exclusive to QuestionPro which allows capturing survey data even when you are in geographical areas where there is no Wi-Fi or mobile internet available. Once the data is captured, it is stored in the device where you can even view offline survey analytics in the dashboard. Once the device gets back internet connectivity, the data is automatically synced online.

Offline Mobile App Survey

5. SMS Survey Research

SMS Survey Research work by sending online survey URLs to your intended respondents via SMS. On clicking the link, the respondent is then taken to their smartphone’s mobile browser for survey completion.

SMS Survey

6. Communities Survey Rsearch

Another QuestionPro exclusive, Communities allows organizations and researchers to create exclusive online communities on QuestionPro's online survey research platform that can be used to collect feedback from community members. These members can be formed through invittitions and can be removed using Admin controls.

Communities Survey

7. QR Code Survey Research

QR Code based online survey research is conducted as a bridge between offline survey distribution using QR Code tags and taking the respondent to an online browser when the code is scanned. Much like SMS Survey research method, each QR Codes carries the survey link which is activated on scanning using a mobile device.

QR Code Survey

Online Survey Dashboard

While online surveys are a great innovation on their own, survey analysis becomes the most critical aspect of drawing data-oriented insights that fuel decision making.


QuestionPro provides a holistic survey analysis view with its real-time dashboard that can not only provide live information on survey completion rates, but can also provide a zoomed-in view into each respondent data and survey questions analysis. The dashboard is cross-platform and provides a seamless and immersive viewing experience across all devices - mobile, tablet and desktop!

Online Survey Questions with Examples

New to the various type of Survey Question? Simply check out our wide range of Survey Questions with illustrative Examples for incredible online surveys

Online Survey Design

Explore the best range of Survey Design and customization options for visually elegant and functionally robust online surveys.

20+ Professional Survey Themes

Choose from various, professionally designed survey themes

Page Breaks

Add page breaks after each section of the survey.

Headers and Footers

Customizable survey Headers and Footers. Add HTML and logos into the header and footer of the survey.

HTML in surveys

Use HTML to customize the surveys.


Customizable buttons for submit and continue.

Back Button

Display 'Back' button on the survey allowing respondents to go back to the previous page to edite/review response.

Exit Survey Button

Allow respondents to exit the survey without answering or midway.

Survey Progress Bar

Display progress bar on the survey to let respondents know the percentage of survey loaded.

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